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Public Service Announcement:

    The following is an AIDS-awareness piece from France, assembled by French director Wilfred Brimo and using The Vibrators' "Baby Baby" as the soundtrack (official site here, Wikipedia article here). 

    Originally posted to YouTube on May 26th, 2006, the piece has since been flagged by some neo-conservative fanatic as being inappropriate for people under 18 years of age and viewers must now log in to view it. 

    Fortunately for those who want to view the original post, the BugMeNot plugin for Firefox will get you past YouTube's login page without your having to create a YouTube account for yourself.  And, as a public service, it is embedded below.  Enjoy. 

    A note to whatever conservative scum flagged the video as being for 18+ only:  not talking about AIDS will not make it go away.  In fact, talking about sex and safe sex practices openly will go a long way toward containing the illness.

This entry was originally posted last week, but due to my accidentally marking it as "Private" and then editing the date, I've received complaints that it didn't show up on anyone's friends page in the place it should have.  In order to fix the problem, I just deleted the damned thing and reposted it. 

    Thanks to civil_death for the link to the video. 

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