steelcaver (steelcaver) wrote,

Penny For The Guy Who Failed

     Guy Fawkes:  he fought in the Eighty Years' War for the Catholics against the Protestants; sought international support for a Catholic coup d'état against the crown; and planned to assassinate King James I in the hope of restoring a Catholic monarch to the throne.   Fawkes' failure has been commemorated yearly in England, every November 5th since 1605, by burning him in effigy on a bonfire (more details at Wikipedia).

     However, anarchists and libertarians continually misconstrue Guy Fawkes' actions, because Fawkes' agenda of religious hatred has been so forgotten that no-one knows to correct them — people in the States don't even realise that Guy Fawkes Day is meant to mock Fawkes rather than celebrate him.  

     I find this doubly hilarious:  people make themselves look like unlettered buffoons on the one hand, and on the other hand he is (in all likelihood) spinning in his grave because no one remembers what he got himself killed for in the first place.

     Humanity provides some good laughs when it isn't busy giving one reason to do a douple-facepalm.

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