steelcaver (steelcaver) wrote,

Health Vs Image

     I'm amused by the story that's been circulating about a gym which used "mermaid vs whale" comparisions in its advertising.  Not because of the creative response to the adverts, mind you, but because of the warped thinking behind both the adverts and the response.

     Neither "skinny" nor obesity are healthy, really, and that's assuming that what the gym meant by a whale was even actual obesity.  Don't forget that what the fashion industry calls "fat" isn't.  Besides that, gyms are supposed to be for gaining/maintaining muscle, not for making a fashion statement.

     Seeing how even the gym seems to have forgotten all of that in letting those ads be used would probably sadden me if I hadn't already written humanity off as being somewhat less intelligent than a ferret with a brain injury.

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