August 5th, 2013


Some Television History To Stuff Into Your Eyes

     The creators of Pioneer One, a crowd-funded direct-to-the-internet television series, have a website...

     ... which links to a YouTube channel ...

     ... which, in addition to hosting Pioneer One, also hosts two noteworthy BBC productions in their entirety:  the second and third Quatermass television serials, early science-fiction works written by legendary Manx screenwriter and science-fiction pioneer Nigel Kneale, which have influenced the entire science-fiction genre in the decades since — particularly in the United Kingdom, where the Quatermass stories influenced the writers of Doctor Who.

     Sadly, the first one was not recorded in its entirety as television was typically done live at the time of its broadcast — but the second and third hold up very well even after all this time.

     Quatermass II first aired in October and November of 1955.  It was hailed for allegorical exploration of the negative effects of widespread industrialisation, and the corruption of government by corporate interests.

     Quatermass And The Pit was originally broadcast from December of 1958 to January of 1959.  It was praised for mining folklore and mythology to create a story which struggled with themes of humanity's aggressive, hostile nature,  the perversion of science for miltary use, and racial tensions.
     What makes finding these even better is that both serials have now become public domain due to their age.